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We DO NOT use bots or AI.


There are so many things to keep up with when it comes to your online reputation, and as a business owner you are already short on time!

RetroMotion’s Social Media Management cultivates and maintains a digital presence for your business that will spread awareness, grow your following and increase sales of your products and services. Each month, RetroMotion will author and monitor posts on platforms to maintain account activity and reach your targeted audience. In these posts, RetroMotion will use content, hashtags, and tools that will optimize your engagement. RetroMotion will deliver a message to your audience that follows your mission statement and values as a business. 


In addition to content creation, RetroMotion will monitor the activity of your posts and accounts. Based on analysis of the engagement of these posts, RetroMotion will revise posts and content to match the interests of your followers. RetroMotion will network with other relevant brands to establish positive relationships with relevant companies. This networking will include interaction through likes, comments, direct messages and story-sharing. 

RetroMotion will conceptualize, develop, edit, and deliver 1 photography shoot day and 1 videography shoot day to create content quarterly for social media content. You can also use your video day in exchange for an animation, or your photo shoot day for an infographic or design.


For any negative or positive feedback your company may receive through these social media channels, RetroMotion will develop an appropriate response on a case-to-case basis. Each response will be sent in a timely manner. Responses will be phrased in a respectful and appreciative way that will establish a good relationship between your business and the customer. 


We keep your feeds full on-time and relevant. 


We do not use bots or AI just real human to interact with your audiences.


We study your audiences reactions and adjust accordingly.


Watching Video


Reading Text




Video is a powerful form of communication because it stimulates the brain with both movement and sound. The combination of the two causes the viewer to retain more information.




Contact us today to get started on building your video catalog to propel your business and drive revenue with engaging video content. All our productions can include:

Script Writing & Concept
Music & Sound Effects
4K Video
2-year archiving

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