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About RetroMotion.

In Burlington, Vermont, we harness the art of video production to create digital content that not only inspires customers but also drives them to action. Our expertise spans a diverse range of businesses, creative producers, and agencies, ensuring every project benefits from our dedicated and craft-focused approach.

Our team in Burlington is committed to delivering video production that emphasizes the craft of storytelling. Each project is a testament to our dedication, blending your brand's unique value proposition with creative content that resonates authentically with your audience.



At RetroMotion Creative, our philosophy is anchored in the belief that every piece of media and content we produce must not only possess cinematic quality but also drive tangible results. We understand that effective media should contribute to your brand's goals, whether that's increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, or swaying consumer perception. Our aim is for our clients to recognize the immense value of well-crafted media – how it not only elevates brand awareness but also adds a rich dimension to your brand, enhancing its overall value.


Our approach to every project is akin to creating a cinematic masterpiece. We see your brand as the star of its own movie, with your unique world-changing ethos as the hero. This narrative structure – with a beginning, middle, and end – ensures that your brand's story is compelling and complete. By treating your brand's message with the care and depth it deserves, we ensure that the final product is not just a video, but a powerful storytelling tool that aligns perfectly with your brand's mission and objectives.


Our storytelling style is best described as cinematic, dramatic, and moving. We believe in creating content that not only aligns with but also elevates your brand's existing style and approach. By deeply understanding each brand's unique characteristics, we tailor our approach to add new dimensions to your narrative. This flexibility allows us to adapt to various brand aesthetics and narratives, ensuring that every project we undertake is not only consistent with your brand's identity but also enhances it in meaningful ways.

Our Clients

We've worked with a wide variety of clients, and bring full hands-on production quality, and service to all of our accounts.

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