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FAMILY LEGACY VIDEOS Preserve Your Memories for Generations to Come

Imagine being able to relive your most cherished memories, hear the laughter of your children, and witness the stories of your family unfold before your eyes. Our life story documentaries allow you to preserve these priceless moments and ensure that your legacy lives on for generations to come. By capturing your family history in a professionally produced cinematic documentary, you are giving your children, grandchildren, and beyond the opportunity to connect with their roots, learn from the past, and create a deeper bond with the ones they love. Don't let these precious memories fade away; secure your family's legacy with our heartfelt and respectful video production service.

Our Unique Approach to Crafting Your Family's Story

  • Comprehensive interviews with family members to capture their stories and memories

  • Expert selection and incorporation of photos, video clips, and other mementos

  • Customized narration that weaves your family's story into a cohesive and engaging narrative

Family videos samples

A Personalized Documentary
for Every Family

Antique Photo of Fisherman

Tailored documentaries that cater to the unique history and dynamics of each family


Multiple package options, from short and sweet tributes to in-depth and extensive chronicles

A dedicated team of skilled filmmakers who are passionate about preserving your family's legacy

Why Choose Our Service?

Personalized Approach: We take the time to understand your family's unique history, working closely with you to ensure your story is told with authenticity, care, and respect.

Cinematic Quality: We combine photos, video interviews, and existing footage to create a beautifully crafted documentary that captures the essence of your family's journey.

Emotional Impact: Our expert team of storytellers understands the importance of evoking emotion, ensuring that your family's legacy resonates with viewers on a deeply personal level.

Family Photos in B&W

Package Options

Antique Photograph of Fishermen

Package 1: Memory Montage - $1500

  • Create a 5-10 minute video montage

  • Skillful editing of your existing footage and photos

  • Perfect for highlighting special moments and occasions

  • Includes conversion and capture of VHS, 8mm, 16mm, photos or DVD into digital formats

  • Ideal for those who want a simple yet meaningful way to preserve memories

Package 2: Family Storyteller - $3500

  • Everything in Package 1

  • Includes 1 day of on-location video interviews with family members

  • Expertly crafted storytelling that combines interview footage with your family's photos and videos

  • Up to 15 minutes in length

  • Ideal for those who want to capture the voices and personalities of their loved ones

Package 3: Legacy Documentary - $8500

  • Everything in Package 1

  • Includes 4 days of on-location video interviews for an in-depth family history exploration

  • Professionally written voice-over to seamlessly tie the family story together

  • Up to 45 minutes in length

  • Perfect for those who want a comprehensive and captivating cinematic experience that captures the essence of their family's

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