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10 Tips for Video Marketing for Business

Here’s a list of 10 tips about video marketing for your business. Heed these tips and reap the benefits of the world’s greatest marketing asset, video production.

10. Do you video here often?

Putting all your eggs in one basket only means you can get robbed more easily. Just producing a few big budgeted videos means you’ll have a few pieces of content to market your fine establishment. Considered making more content with the same budget. Strategize content frequency when it comes to your video marketing.

9. You’re so emotional

As if! Seriously, the emotional content is compelling. You don’t have to make everyone cry, emotional just means adding a pinch of humanity to your content. Brands don’t just compete on price they also compete on how the brand fits into a consumers lifestyle.

8. You’re going to fly that plane, right?

Don’t spend all your dough on making the content; make sure you have a budget to get that content out there in the wild. If you buy a plane, don’t let it sit on the runway; buy some gas and let it fly.

7. Quit on the set!

Consider working with someone different if you fear that your video producer thinks they are Steven Spielberg. You may end up building someone’s portfolio and not making useful content that brings value to your business. Video production for a company isn’t filmmaking; it’s advertising. Let Hollywood deal with the drama.

6. Muddin’

Don’t spin your wheels when it comes to conceiving the creative. It’s more valuable to create good content often than to develop perfect content once in a while. You need to put yourself out there, Kathy.

5. Wallflowers don’t dance

Make sure you encourage your followers to interact with your video. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, and make sure you replay to all comments. Your people love you, so dare to ask them to dance.

4. Scrooge McDuck

At the beginning of Duck Tales, Scrooge jumps into a pile of money and swims in gold coins. Duck Tales visually demonstrates that value and wealth are synonymous with volume and quantity. The same goes for all content. Your business is legitimized on social media platforms by volume. From the number of followers to your posting frequency, to the number of videos you have, you are more likely to be noticed if you have more content than a few.

3. Same old, same old

Be creative. An about us video for your business shouldn’t be like your competitors about us video. You have to consider that your video content must be entertaining to your audience. Imagine attending an event with an incredibly dull speaker, his name is Bob. Don’t be Bob. Be fun, energetic and real. Wake them up!

2. Budget matters

Wisely spend your marketing budget with the intent to grow your brand. You must see the forest through the trees and understand the value of content and online advertisements in today’s market.

1. Raisin’ Brand

It’s a pun. As you “raise” your “brand” through video production, it’s critical that you become consistent with tone, emotional direction, font, music selection, and framing and color correction. As you build your library of video content, it’s more powerful to have a cohesive look and feel as opposed to scatterbrained and disorganized un-matching content. Unless, of course, your brand is supposed to be un-matching and disorganized.

Video content and all forward-facing marketing is a reflection of how your business operates. It’s a customer’s peek into your operation. If the video is sloppy and cheap-looking, it’s not impossible to think that your operation, product, or service is also cheap and sloppy. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but people do it everyday!

Ready to learn more? Check out our site, and contact us for a free consultation.

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